Terms and Conditions


This terms and conditions regulate the use of the Entropy platform, produced and operated by Virtual Transportation Mexico, SAPI. of CV. with address in Eugenio Sue 79, Floor 3, Col. Polanco, Mexico City, CP. 11560

Acceptance of the Terms of Use

By using and accessing Entropy services, hosted within the * .entropy.tech domain, the acceptance of these terms and conditions is concluded.

These terms and conditions may be modified. So it is the responsibility of the user to periodically review these terms and conditions. You can review when these terms and conditions were updated in the headings of this document with the caption: “Last Review”.

Platform Objective

The objective of the Entropy platform is the automation and optimization of advertising campaigns in digital payment media, which include, in a non-limiting way, platform media such as Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Programmatic purchase media via OpenRTB protocol and other equivalents.

Entropy in turn automates the processes of installation, operation and updating of transactional data mining systems, sales, as well as information of end users that at no time includes personally identifiable information within the user’s computer systems.

Limitations of Liability

Entropy is not responsible for user errors or errors of third-party platforms with whom Entropy performs interfaces.

Entropy is not responsible for the incorrect use of the platform for uses outside the purpose of the platform or illegal activities.

Entropy is not responsible for losses arising from improper implementations or uses, or returns lower than expected by customer.

Entropy is not responsible for platform failures that result from force majeure or acts of God.

Service Modifications

Entropy reserves the right to modify the service and its platform at any time and without limitation.

Intellectual property

A violation of these terms and conditions of service will be considered:

Unauthorized use of Entropy’s intellectual property, including, without limitation, logo, slogan, and platform design. Perform or attempt to perform code extraction, reverse engineering or other activity that violates the digital properties of entropy or its algorithms. Perform or attempt cyber attacks with the aim of extracting any type of information not expressly authorized from Entropy or its customers, suppliers or commercial and / or technological allies.

Paid Subscription

Entropy as a markets platform its services according to the plans published on the website: https://entropy.tech. In all cases the plans have a monthly validity and under no circumstances is the money back offered in case of suspending the service in advance at the user’s request.

Technical Support

Entropy offers technical support exclusively to customers with subscription in any of the payment plans. If you have a request, you can contact support@entropy.tech and you will have a response within a maximum of three business days.

Free trial

Entropy offers a free 60-day trial to any new user of the service in any of its published plans (Only available for Self Service plan). Free trials are not cumulative no can they be suspended or paused once initiated. The user does not acquire any payment or contracting obligation with the use of the test.