How does the product bidding work?

Entropy connects to your Google Adwords and Merchant Center account in order to bid dynamically for every individual product you have. This way you will always have most efficient bid for every one of your products. Entropy's Artificial Intelligence Engine takes into account factors like the brand, product type, category, price range, search demand among other factors to make these decisions.

Does the bidding only work on Entropy for my best-selling products?

No, Entropy will optimize all of your products continually so that they are all in a profitable level of spending. Entropy will define the optimal Cost Per Click for every one of your products.

What happens to my campaign on Adwords once I start with Entropy?

Entropy generates a new campaign in your Adwords account. However, is not necessary to implement manual changes in your campaigns using Adwords Interface once Entropy starts working. Please make sure your old campaigns are paused so that there is no interference with Entropy’s campaign. In case you decide to restart your old campaigns, you can do so without any additional setup. Entropy will add up to 16,000 different locations, all available audiences, including similar audiences, will also change the bid modifier percentage for the different devices of your users.

Why don’t I see an increase in my conversion rates when I click the option “maximize conversion”?

It might take a few days on depending on your budget and the amount of clicks you are getting for Entropy to start making measurable changes in your campaign’s performance. There are other factors that might be affecting your campaign’s performance. Please contact the Entropy Support Team and we can help you doing an account review to diagnose the problem

How do I know the strategy that will suit my e-commerce (max clicks, conversions, impressions, etc)?

If you already have your conversion tags properly configured, reporting conversions and their value then our recommendation is to always use Maximize Revenue. If have conversions registered but not their value, you can use it to manage maximize conversions. If you have a branding objective and would like to generate as much traffic or impressions as possible at the minimum cost possible than we recommend using Maximize Impressions and or Clicks. If you have any other question as to what optimization strategy is best for you, don't hesitate to contact our customer support team. We are happy to help.

Can I adjust my budget to spend less during weekends or specific days?

Absolutely. We are working on implementing controls for in Entropy’s Dashboard so you can do this manually. Meanwhile, please contact our customer support team and let us know about your needs.

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